The New Normal

As we all know, we have been facing unprecedented times. Social distancing to stay safe from the pandemic and choosing how to do this not just for ourselves, and our close network of friends and family, but also needing to consider the world at large. What has opened up is the listening and learning about how to be more inclusive and live in a more equitable world, and, taking care of our planet; huge issues to face despite all of our fears. How does this affect art and art making? For me this cannot help to affect how and what I am producing. Although still immersed in figurative work, I have found that almost all of my most recent figures are more fully integrated with their backgrounds/contexts. At first unconscious, I came to appreciate the metaphor: we are of this world, with inherent responsibilities to one another and the land we inhabit.

I appreciate more than ever the privilege of having my own work space, and the supports to keep creating. I sorely miss the outdoor shows and the camaraderie of my fellow artists. However, there has been an outpouring of generosity, support, and learning how to participate in shows on line.

I am humbled and grateful for my family, friends and art communities. They all inform and enrich my life.