The New Normal

As we all know, we have been facing unprecedented times. Social distancing to stay safe from the pandemic and choosing how to do this not just for ourselves, and our close network of friends and family, but also needing to consider the world at large. What has opened up is the listening and learning about how to be more inclusive and live in a more equitable world, and, taking care of our planet; huge issues to face despite all of our fears. How does this affect art and art making? For me this cannot help to affect how and what I am producing. Although still immersed in figurative work, I have found that almost all of my most recent figures are more fully integrated with their backgrounds/contexts. At first unconscious, I came to appreciate the metaphor: we are of this world, with inherent responsibilities to one another and the land we inhabit.

I appreciate more than ever the privilege of having my own work space, and the supports to keep creating. I sorely miss the outdoor shows and the camaraderie of my fellow artists. However, there has been an outpouring of generosity, support, and learning how to participate in shows on line.

I am humbled and grateful for my family, friends and art communities. They all inform and enrich my life.

It’s been a busy year!

I have been remiss in not keeping up to date, but that does not mean I have not been keeping active! Riverdale ArtWalk this past June 2019 was wonderful as ever. So many amazing conversations; and, I am always filled with gratitude when one of my paintings moves someone and speaks to them on an emotional level. It is so rewarding and affirming with respect to the creative path I have chosen.

So appreciative of the support of good friends and family

Then there are the new shows: ArtWalk in the Square in September 2019: such a lovely group of artists. I so appreciate the camaraderie and the learning that comes from sharing with other artists. It was a fun show.

Loving figurative work…can you tell?

Coming up: In just a couple of weeks, I will be taking part in the Lawrence Park Art Show and then in November, I will be helping out with an art auction in support Camp MiAKonDa (a wonderful camp for girls).

My challenge now is to balance participating in shows with being in my studio, creating new work (and painting just for me)! Something I plan to get down to now…

Until next time, keep creating in whatever form that takes for you!

Another wonderful year at RAW

June 2018 Riverdale ArtWalk

Once again, appreciating all who helped out, the camaraderie, the conversations and all who came out to enjoy art …and this year, hardly a drop of rain (well , maybe just a few drops at the end of the weekend)!


The chaos of preparing for a show

Pre show studio mess! My 3rd year participating in the Riverdale ArtWalk and for an otherwise organized person, I seem to have created more chaos than ever! I do love all the prep and the new things I learn each year about presenting my work.
Although painting is a very personal process and it is scary to put myself out there, the rewards are great; a weekend of discussing art, process and feeling a part of a wonderful arts community!

BowsArt Show


Great opening reception tonight at the Art Square Gallery. Always good to connect with other artists and enjoy this lovely gallery across the road from the AGO (pretty cool actually!). Check it out if you are in the ‘hood.  I have 3 figurative pieces in the show and there is an eclectic mix of work (note: it comes down on Dec 4th).

Happy Holidays!